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Interesting Indian Wedding & Their Traditions

Indian is a mixture of religion, caste; mother tongue and community, so we can’t define Indian wedding just one set of rituals. That’s why Indian wedding customs and traditions are matched with each other. Even, every state and community has a set of different rituals, but the common thing in it that is spirituality. Most of the wedding is quite simple and elegant and celebrate in a peaceful way, but full of a variety of colors which signifies richness.

Most of the regions wedding customs are pass on and followed by generations while some have adopted the idea of western weddings. Here we share some Indian Matrimony that is very famous in their regions due to their simplicity and their rich customs and traditions and gaining popularity all over India.

Bengali Wedding:

Bengali wedding is famous for their holy rituals “shubha Drishti”. It is a holy meet where the bride and groom see each other faces.  Bengali Bride and groom wear conch as a headgear. The bride enters the wedding venue by covering his face with betel leaves. Bride family members carry the bride while she is sitting in the basket and they take seven rounds around the Groom. During this, the bride covers her face with the betel leaves. After complete the rounds, the bride sits in front of the groom and remove leaves from the eyes and see the face of the groom. It is called holy meet. This ritual makes the Bengali Matrimonial unique.

Punjabi/Sikh Wedding:

As compared to other Indian weddings, Punjabi wedding is full of fun, lots of color, music, and dance. Each Punjabi wedding rituals is unique and have their own importance. Punjabi people perform a small prayer to God to take permission. The actual day wedding starts in the early morning or before sunrise with the holy bath. After that various small ceremony is performed at the bride and groom prospective home. Then the bride, family members, and his friends ready for departure at the wedding venue. Before it, all members of the bride visit a Sikh temple where the priest prays in front of Holy Sikh Book to take the permission of departure and for further ceremonies. Most of the bride and their family members reach the Sikh temple which is pre-decided by the Bride’s family where further ceremonies are performed. 

The Sikh wedding ceremony is performed in front of Shri Guru Granth Sahib. The bride and Groom sit in front of the holy book where the Sikh priest read the four lava from it and another Sikh priest sings hymns. During four lava, the bride and Groom take four rounds where they promise to each other to live happily, take care of each other and live for long life. This makes the Sikh Wedding is unique in their own region.

Gujarati Wedding:

Gujarati wedding is fun-loving too. They belong to Hindu community. Generally, a Hindu person takes 7 rounds during the Gujarati Matrimony ceremony, but in Gujarati, Hindu people take only four rounds against the holy fire. Gujarati people are also fond of music and dance like a Punjabi’s in a wedding. Most of the Gujarati’s are businessman, so they prefer to marry their son or daughter with their business partner.

Tamil Weddings:

No doubt, TamilMatrimony is most elaborate. Some of the rituals are too short and some are too long, but all are essential. In an old-time, these rituals start before two weeks, but now they all ritual cover-up within two or three days. Tamil people have a strong belief In horoscope matching, before tying a knot they must compare the horoscope of bride and groom so that if they any kind of difficulty in married life, that will be cleared with the help of Poja and remedies. It is also known Tamil Jathakam Porutham for Marriage

The actual wedding ritual is performed in the early morning. Bride and Groom take a holy bath after applying the Haldi. After that, they pray to god for clearing the bad evil. Tamil Groom ties a holy thread knot around the neck of bride three times.

Final Thoughts: Indian is a diverse country, there are many regions that have a unique and similar ritual with others but each is different from each other. To know more stay in touch. Gujarati Matrimony Site an initiative from NRIMB, is a pioneer in the Gujarati matrimonial space. We've helped lakhs of people find their perfect Indian Life partner.

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