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Gujarati Wedding Rituals

India has a rich culture of traditions that comes out at the time of weddings. In almost every state, you come across a different appeal to wedding celebrations. Talking about Gujarati matrimony rituals, they look quite awesome as compared to any other wedding rituals. Most of the times, you see an altogether different appeal and diversity in the most wedding celebrating at different places and events. For example, the kind of food, language and other traditional experience that you come across at each kind of weddings.

The most important thing that exists even today is finding the right bride or groom for your marriage. In the earlier days, it looked like a challenge as it took lots of time to find the one that matches with your expectations but with the help of a number of best matrimonial sites, you can find the most compatible dream life partner for you within a restricted time frame. Well, all this has become possible in the presence of high-end technology along with the availability of the Internet.

Now, please take a look at some of the well known Gujarati wedding celebrations that you can never find anywhere else:

Garba Nights

You can't forget having Garba nights on the occasion of any Gujarati wedding. In fact, they happen to be a quintessential part of the history of Gujarati weddings. On the celebration night, you can hear the beats of dhol along with dance throughout the night. It makes the celebration so special that everyone likes to be a part of GujaratiMatrimony. You can have the presence of dance on the famous Bollywood music.

Symbolic Rituals

The presence of Dandiya and Garba nights make Gujarati weddings so special that the entire ceremony goes on all along the night. At this specific time, you can also have the presence of ladies performing different types of wedding rituals that look absolutely engaging. This happens to be one of the specific and entertaining for all the guests.

Special Greetings of Groom

During a Gujarati wedding, the bride's mother comes in the front and welcomes the groom in a different style. The ceremony is known as Ponkvu or Ponkhana where the bride's mother has to first perform this. Soon after that, she pulls the nose of the groom quite playfully. Soon after that, she invites him to the wedding destination or venue.

Vegetarian Food

Have you heard about Gujarati cuisine ever? Well, they are known to be a perfect blend of great flavors and textures that make the food taste so yummy. It also relates a lot to the people of Gujarat where people are very particular of their food. They like to make use of chilies, salt, and sugar at the appropriate amounts. Some of their dishes include Chakri, Halvasan, and more.

Non-Vegetarian Gujarati Food

Gujaratis are very particular about food. And you won't find any kind of nonveg food being served on any occasion. This is because they are pure vegetarians. Still, the kind of veg food that is served during weddings is commendable.

Fashion and Dressing Style

When you talk about weddings, it means loads of food, fashion, and entertainment. Just think about all the guests who come to enjoy all the very food and other sources of entertainment. In the same ways, you can't ignore the fashion statement in such weddings that take place every time a Gujarati Matrimony has to take place. These weddings are full of cute and magnificent dresses worn by the bride.

Conclusion- Today, you can find hundreds of different and meaningful rituals in Gujarati matrimony culture and traditions that look amazing.

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